New Logo and a revamp on the website!

It's been a pretty busy week and Hound Hikers have managed to pick up a couple of new customers to join our happy hikers around the Gateshead area - have a look in the gallery section to see the new dogs enjoying their walks with us.

The busy week didn't end on Friday for us, as we've been busy over the weekend revamping our website and Sam has been busy designing a new logo for facebook and other online places. We're still getting to grips with doing 'web' stuff :).

We've got room to take another dog or possibly two out for walks, so if you're reading this and wondering if now was a good time to book a Hound Hikers to walk your hound then I can assure you, the answer is definitely YES! We're still running our fantastic Introductorty offer for dog walks in Gateshead; you can get a five walks for your dog for as little as £12.50 and with our 30 minute walks starting at just £4 you can't go wrong! Click HERE if you'd like to have a look at our prices and get in touch with us.

I'm conviced that we will not be beaten on service and reliablility, not to mention our £4 walk is the cheapest around, go and shop around, but you will not find it cheaper anywhere!

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