Adopting Elsie

Hi Everyone!

If you've been a regular visitor to our site you'll know that one of the dogs we walk is Elsie. Unfortunately Elsie's owner felt she could no longer keep her and after a talking things over with Sam (my wife) we agreed to adopt her.

Elsie is 6 months old and has settled in really well. It's great having a dog in the household again (it's been some years since we had a dog of our own).

We're working on some training with her, which is going really well. I'm fairly new to dog training, but we're all enjoying it (and that includes Elsie).

We've achieved our first goals of getting her to sit and give paw on command as well as getting comfortable being in her basket/crate area. She now goes to her basket without too much prompting and settles down nicely after we come back in from walks. She used to be quite hyper when first returning from a walk.

We're now focussing on getting her to walk without pulling on the lead. We're progressing well, but it's early days yet!

All in all it's fantastic having Elsie in our home :)

Look out for a more detailed 'Training' blog coming soon! It might be interesting to some of you to read an 'amateurs' exploits into dog training, and help you with your own dog training! :)

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