I'm injured! And some holiday info

Hi Everyone!

Things have been a bit quite at Hound Hikers for the last couple of weeks. No pictures on Facebook for the last two weeks as unfortunately I have torn a ligament in my wrist and that makes dog walking tough, well, if you're trying to take pictures and hold onto dogs at the same time it does anyway. :)

We've also had a few clients off on holiday over the last few weeks, which has been very handy (pun intended) for me as it's reduced the work load slightly and allowed me more time to rest my injured wrist, which is starting to feel a bit better thankfully. It's been splinted up for the last two weeks and I've been pain killering it along with lots of icing.

Anyway, shouldn't be too long until we're up and running as usual once more, with regular photos etc.

On another note I'm off for my summer holidays from 5th August - 15th August. During my absence all requested walks will be covered by my sister in law, Jo, who covered my holiday last year as well.

Hope the summer weather kicks in in earnest soon.

Cheerio for now


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