Hope everyone enjoyed the summer!


This have been pretty busy here at Hound Hikers over the last few weeks. We've taken on several new customers and we're now all but fully booked! That's what happens when you offer great value and fantastic service like we do :) (Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet or anything...but when it comes to professional dog walking - be that group or solo walks, our service and value for money is just hard to beat!!)

If you head over to our Facebook page you'll see photos up there of all the new dogs. Recent additions include: Lola, Darcy, Jarvis and more!!

Also, I am looking for a casual, part time dog walker to join the team so if you (or someone you know) might fancy a few hours work a week, drop me a line: contact@houndhikers.co.uk

Anyway, it seems summer is now well and truly over and we're ready for another Autumn/Winter season - a tough time for dog walkers haha :)

Take care,


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