Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone. As always, I hope everybody is keeping well.

I would like to resume services for those who need it so I am going to outline my plan for the next few weeks.

If you *need* your dog(s) walked starting from Monday 1 June 2020 you can book in for a 30-minute solo walk. I will collect your dog(s) and walk them from your home, no van transport. I will use my own equipment (leads etc) and will sanitise my hands prior to pick up and drop off.

I can’t stress enough that this service is only available if nobody from your household is at home (i.e. you have returned to work). If you are at home (including working from home) then please do not book a walk.

Of course it goes without saying that if you or a household member is displaying any Covid-19 symptoms or you are self-isolating then please do not book a walk.

This is the only service I am currently offering but I will review the situation as more information and guidance is made available.

If you’d like to book just contact me via call or text on 07972813110 (the usual number) or drop me a line here.

Thanks very much for your continued support and I very much look forward to some semblance of normality returning to our lives.



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