Getting back to normality & new dogs!

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to say that I've been back to work since 1 June 2020 following the lockdown for Covid 19 and things are starting to slowly get back to normality.

Unfortunately, customer numbers had dwindled somewhat during lockdown with some people sadly losing their jobs or job roles changing to working from home and a variety of other unavoidable reasons. However, every cloud has a silver they say - and I'm delighted to announce Teddy, Buddy, Lilly and Vespa have joined Hound Hikers. I have included some photos in the gallery section (which had been neglected with updates somewhat of late).

I'm also pleased to say that my pricing structure will remain as it is and the prices are guaranteed until April 2021, at which point I will run my yearly price comparison with other service providers and adjust if required.

In all the Covid mess I also missed my 5 years in business here it is: Thanks for 5 great years in business :)

All the best everyone!


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