Back to work on Monday!

I'm thrilled that I will be back to work from Monday 22 March 2021. It feels like it's been a really long time since I've seen all of my doggy pals!

So yeah, I will be back on Monday following on from Covid lockdowns, then breaking my foot pretty horrendously and generally not exactly having a swell time since Christmas :D

I'll be kicking things off with 30 minute walks for the first week back and then (provided everything is OK with my foot) I'll be back to the usual service of either 30 or 60 minute walks!

It's been hard work going from walking around 20-30k steps per day to less than 1,000 I can tell you. My waistline has also suffered over the last few months that's for sure haha.

Really looking forward to seeing everybody and getting some sense of normality back. These are indeed strange times we're living in!

Thanks for reading,


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